“Bargains are great, love the sales ads, store very organized and clean. Customer service is excellent. Store hours are great. Meat prices are super great.”
– K. Crawford, 38127

“Cash Saver is awesome. If they are out of what I’m looking for, store owner Jeff Burkhead will get it and deliver if needed. Now that’s what I call customer service. The whole store, including the meat department goes out of their way to help you.”
– T. Fike, 38120

“This is thinking I have never been so proud of a store before as I was this morning. So neat, nice and clean together. God bless you all for such good work. I for one will try to leave it like I found it.”
– J. Holman, 38126

“Cash Saver is my favorite place to shop because living with a budget is part of my daily life and their prices are very low. Fair prices are important to me since inflation is so high. The store is small enough to get around quick, and easy, which I like. It is also convenient to my home, which I love. I am definitely a cash saver.”
– P. Pollan, 38117

“I love shopping at the Cash Saver! I do not shop anywhere else except under emergency circumstances. My family and I love Miss Annie. I know where everything in located so I can get in & out easily. The selection is great and the prices are the best!”
– A. Cardona, 38112

“I really enjoy shopping at Cash Saver because its clean and the staff is friendly. Also, the prices are amazing compared to other stores in the area. Keep up the great work! I really appreciate you!”
– C. Hill, 38111

“I always enjoy my shopping experience in Cash Saver. The employees are friendly and always willing to assist. (I’m handicapped). The products are well-stocked in a way they’re easy to find. Fruits and vegetables very fresh. The deli is superb and the meat department is well-stocked. Ms. Carly will readily assist at any time.”
– M. Thomas, 38106

“I like the prices; the sale; it’s right in the area; nice people to help you. A large area to park and quick in and out the best.”
– B. McCoy, 38106

“Cash Saver here on Winchester has improved tremendously. The store is cleaner, merchandise is affordable and neat. I would definitely recommend this store. And the management as well as employees are very helpful, courteous and all smiles.”
– A Johnson, 38118

“I love the reasonable prices and excellent customer service offered at Cash Saver. I travel from Mason, TN every two weeks for the valued savings.”
– I Shirley, 38049

“I used to drive all over town trying to save a buck on my groceries, but now I can saver bucks, driving time, and gas since Piggly Wiggly made the change to Cash Saver. They offer great value and selection on USDA Choice Angus Beer and my other grocery needs. Don’t forget they are Shelby County’s best selection of craft beers including their Madison Growler Stations, with 30 draft beers. “
– J Vafinis, 38104